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Kerrville Underage DUI Attorney Advocates for Young Drivers

Kerr County, TX lawyer defends minors stopped on suspicion of drunk driving

Most teenagers are eager to embrace the independence that comes with having a driver’s license. However, young motorists are subject to stricter traffic laws in light of their lack of experience behind the wheel. An accusation that someone under the age of 21 has been operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol can result in serious criminal penalties. If you’re a minor facing this predicament in Texas Hill Country, you need an experienced and determined Kerrville underage DUI attorney to defend you. At the Law Firm of Richard L. Ellison, P.C., I provide the zealous representation you require.

What qualifies as underage DUI in Texas?

In Texas, you are considered underage for purposes of the driving under the influence laws if you’re not yet 21. Normally, a driver must have a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent to trigger a charge, but if you’re underage, operating a vehicle violates the law if you have any detectable amount of alcohol in your blood system, no matter how small it is. These cases are charged as misdemeanor Underage DUI unless the driver’s BAC is .08 percent or higher, which would trigger a standard driving while intoxicated charge. As a seasoned Texas DWI attorney, I can advise you of what potential defenses are available regardless of what your test result says. 

Consequences of underage DUI conviction

If you’re convicted of underage DUI, your sentence could include one or more of the following penalties:

  • Fine of up to $500
  • Order to perform 20-40 hours of community service
  • Required alcohol abuse prevention classes
  • Suspension of your driver’s license

In addition, your conviction could leave you with a criminal record. Underage DUI will also be part of your driving record, likely leading to an increased auto insurance rate. Given the zero-tolerance standard for young motorists, a small mistake by law enforcement could cause serious problems. My firm is committed to helping clients avoid unjust penalties for DWI in Texas.

Other potential effects if you’re found guilty of DUI

An underage drunk-driving conviction might harm your chances of obtaining admission to college, financial aid and scholarships. You could also have trouble getting the job you want. A driver’s license suspension can make it more difficult to travel to school, work or leisure activities that you enjoy. 

Consequences for out of state drivers

If you’re an out-of-state driver who is convicted of underage DUI in Texas, your home state might suspend your license and your conviction might affect how prosecutors and courts treat you if you are convicted of another crime. If I represent you, I will defend you as zealously as I would any Texas resident.

Legal defenses for DUI while underaged

My firm thoroughly reviews the circumstances of each underage DUI charge. Potential defense in these cases could relate to one or more of the following:

  • The legality of the stop
  • The probable cause to test and arrest you
  • Whether appropriate procedure was used during the onsite sobriety test
  • The calibration of the BAC test device
  • The training and competency of the reporting officers

Should your case go to trial, I will challenge the evidence brought against you and present any evidence that might support an acquittal.

Contact a Texas defense attorney to discuss an underage DUI charge

If you are arrested on suspicion of underage driving under the influence, trust the Law Firm of Richard L. Ellison, P.C. to provide the resolute defense you need to protect your rights. To schedule an appointment at my Kerrville office, call me at 830-955-8168 or contact me online