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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need an attorney if I am innocent of an accused crime?

When facing the criminal justice system, it is always in your best interests to seek experienced and skilled legal representation. Nothing could be worse than being convicted of a crime for which you are innocent. A good attorney will provide skilled and aggressive protection of your legal rights and will ensure that you are treated fairly and per the law throughout all of the legal stages of your case. By discussing your case with me as a Kerrville criminal defense attorney, I can review the charges against you and intervene on your behalf with prosecutors to get charges reduced or dismissed, if possible.

I have been charged with a first-offense DWI. Do I need an attorney?

The penalties for drunk driving are serious. You may be facing the loss of your license, thousands of dollars in fines and surcharges, probation, community service, and possibly jail time. If convicted, you will have to face the future with a criminal record which can negatively affect various aspects of your life, from career advancement to educational opportunities. In view of all of this, you should consider talking to me about your case to get legal advice that may make a difference in how your case turns out.

What is civil litigation?

Civil litigation involves civil cases as opposed to criminal cases. In a civil case, citizens, business entities, or other parties resolve their legal issues or disputes through state or federal courts. These types of cases usually involve an injured party seeking damages or an enforcement of specific performance or the enforcement of a contract or agreement that has been allegedly violated.

Haven’t the bankruptcy laws changed? Does this mean I may not be eligible to file?

The bankruptcy laws did change in 2005, making it necessary for those who wish to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to undergo a “means test.” Despite the changes in the law, most people can still file for a personal bankruptcy. If you do not qualify for a Chapter 7, you can file under Chapter 13 which is a reorganization plan. Both of these types of bankruptcy can eliminate unsecured debt and put you back in financial control.

For answers to your specific questions about your civil or criminal case, contact the Kerrville lawyer at the firm today.