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Central Texas Firm Represents Clients Facing Attempted Murder Charges

Board-certified Kerrville attorney protects the rights of accused individuals

Texas defendants found guilty of attempting to murder someone are punished severely. However, regardless of what the evidence might indicate, you have fundamental rights and one of those rights is to have a lawyer who can identify valid defenses in your case. To have the best chance of avoiding serious penalties, you need the right attorney in your corner. At the Law Firm of Richard L. Ellison, P.C. in Kerrville, I am a Board-certified criminal law attorney and am ready to be the Texas attempted murder lawyer you need to counter the allegations against you.

Texas laws on attempted murder

A person commits attempted murder under Texas law when that person, with specific intent to commit murder, engages in an action or series of actions that go beyond mere preparation toward murdering another person, but fails to kill their target. For instance, shooting to kill someone but missing constitutes attempted murder. Should multiple people agree on a plan to murder another person, and at least one tries to do so, all could be found guilty of attempt to commit the murder, as well as conspiracy to commit murder. If you are accused of committing either of these crimes, I am ready to defend you zealously in court or negotiate for a fair plea bargain.

Elements that must be proven in an attempted murder case

If you are charged with attempted murder, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you:

  • Had a specific intent to commit murder
  • Committed at least one act in furtherance of the crime, beyond merely preparing to do it
  • Failed to carry out the murder during that attempt, regardless of whether or not you subsequently succeeded

If you are accused of attempted murder, I will prepare carefully to challenge evidence presented by the prosecution in their effort to obtain a conviction. 

Punishments for attempted murder

Following a conviction for attempted murder, the penalty is usually imprisonment for two to 20 years. However, when the murder, had it succeeded, would have resulted in capital punishment, because the prosecution proves one or more aggravating circumstances, such as that the defendant attempted to kill a police officer or multiple people, the court may impose a sentence of between five and 99 years in prison. The maximum fine is $10,000. That is why, if you are charged with attempted murder, you need the services of a dedicated Texas criminal defense attorney. I am ready to fight for criminal defendants throughout central Texas.

Defenses against an attempted murder count

There are several defenses that might be available in an attempted murder case, such as:

  • An alibi that creates reasonable doubt regarding the defendant’s guilt
  • Self-defense or defense of others
  • Insanity or diminished capacity
  • Renunciation of an intent to commit murder before the alleged incident

Because of my experience in arguing defenses to murder allegations, I know how to make a persuasive case for a not guilty verdict.

Challenging evidence in attempted murder cases

Along with potential defenses, there are several methods of disputing the prosecution’s evidence, such as:  

  • Moving to suppress evidence seized in violation of a defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights 
  • Cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses
  • Presenting expert testimony that raises questions about the veracity of the evidence introduced by the government

You can count on me to raise any objections to prosecution evidence that have a reasonable chance of success.

Contact a Board-certified Texas attorney to discuss defense against an attempted murder charge 

The Law Firm of Richard L. Ellison, P.C. represents Texans accused of attempted murder and other offenses. To schedule an appointment, call 830-955-8168 or contact me online. My office is in Kerrville.