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Case Results

  • Client indicted for first degree felony embezzlement of construction funds; we put together presentation of evidence that persuaded State to dismiss case for lack of evidence.
  • Client charged with deadly conduct for allegedly pointing pistol at someone; got case dismissed
  • Client charged with aggravated assault with deadly weapon; negotiated plea reducing to misdemeanor assault, deferred adjudication
  • Jury verdict for beneficary/executor of will, and obtained order of forfeiture of will contestant’s interest
  • Civil – Summary Judgment in Fiduciary Duty case
  • Criminal – Dismissal of assault case against elementary school teacher
  • Client indicted for murdering husband; pled down to manslaughter with 5 years probation
  • Army combat vet charged with possession cocaine; obtained pretrial diversion and dismissal
  • Young woman charged with DWI; obtained pretrial diversion and dismissal
  • Young mother indicted for abandonment of child – obtained deferred adjudication probation, then early termination and dismissal
  • Conviction for aggravated assault with deadly weapon overturned on appeal because trial court overruled objection to omission of lesser included offense in jury instructions
  • Client charged with money laundering, three strikes, facing up to 99 years, sentenced to five years (will be free in less than two)
  • Client charged with aggravated sexual assault, facing 99 years, dismissed by prosecutor day before trial
  • Client charged with organized crime/conspiracy to manufacture/deliver methamphetamine, three strikes; plea agreement for five years night before trial
  • Felony possession of marijuana case dismissed after evidence suppressed under Fourth Amendment
  • Felony DWI case downgraded to misdemeanor, client got probation
  • Client charged with organized crime/three counts of aggravated robbery, three strikes facing 99 years, client sentenced to six years
  • Client charged with selling firearms without FFL, downward departure from Guideline sentence of five years to two and a half
  • Felony embezzlement case dismissed by prosecutor morning of trial
  • Not guilty verdicts in numerous DWI trials
  • Not guilty verdict, client off duty police officer charged with making alcohol available to minors
  • Not guilty verdict, juvenile client charged with fighting/disorderly conduct at school