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Case Results

– Client charged with money laundering, three strikes,

facing up to 99 years, sentenced to five years (will be free in less than two)

– Client charged with aggravated sexual assault, facing 99 years, dismissed by prosecutor day before trial

– Client charged with organized crime/conspiracy to manufacture/deliver methamphetamine, three strikes; plea agreement for five years night before trial

– Felony possession of marijuana case dismissed after evidence suppressed under Fourth Amendment

– Felony DWI case downgraded to misdemeanor, client got probation

– Client charged with organized crime/three counts of aggravated robbery, three strikes facing 99 years, client sentenced to six years

– Client charged with selling firearms without FFL, downward departure from Guideline sentence of five years to two and a half

– Felony embezzlement case dismissed by prosecutor morning of trial

– Not guilty verdicts in numerous DWI trials

– Not guilty verdict, client off duty police officer charged with making alcohol available to minors

– Not guilty verdict, juvenile client charged with fighting/disorderly conduct at school