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Texas Real Estate Lawyer Skilled in Resolving Land Disputes

Kerrville attorney experienced in protecting property rights

Guarding and advancing clients’ interests in real estate disputes has been a priority of the Law Firm of Richard L. Ellison, P.C. for four decades. These cases involve multiple legal issues, including insurance, finance, zoning, development, construction, landlord-tenant relations and environmental concerns. Whether you are bringing a legal claim to enforce your rights or defending against a challenge to your property interests, my Kerrville firm stands ready to represent you forcefully and effectively.

Texas litigator handles wide range of real estate disputes

Whether commercial, residential or mixed-use real estate is involved, the property’s value can be significantly diminished when the rights of owners, lenders and other interested parties come into conflict. Real estate land disputes can take many forms, dealing with such issues as:

  • Easements — Disputes can arise about the extent, duration or terms of a right to use part of a property for a limited purpose, especially when the subject property is being sold.
  • Title insurance issues — Title insurance claims may be excluded from coverage based on omissions or errors made when the policy was obtained.
  • Boundary disputes — Over time, owners’ use of properties can blur the boundary lines established by surveys and other land records, leading to disputes over claimed encroachment.
  • Liens — Lenders, contractors and even government entities may obtain a legal interest in property to secure payments due. These security interests can interfere with a sale of property.
  • Foreclosure — When a property owner defaults on a loan for which there is a mortgage on the property, a foreclosure proceeding can ensue, requiring strong legal measures to counter it.
  • Landlord-tenant relations — Leased real estate can present special controversies with respect to both the tenant’s use of the property and the landlord’s responsibilities for maintenance.

Regardless of how your property disagreement came about or which side you are on, my thorough knowledge of real estate law allows me to take decisive action to remedy your situation and to protect your land rights.

Kerrville attorney represents varied clients in land disputes

Typical clients for whom I help resolve real estate disputes include:

  • Buyers and sellers — I have been on both sides of contractual difficulties in real estate transactions and am skilled in working to resolve issues in a way that doesn’t spoil the deal.
  • Lenders — I serve as counsel to lenders and other credit institutions in matters relating to mortgages and other liens on real property.
  • Title insurers — I can represent title companies in coverage claims, both by insureds and by third parties.
  • Developers — I assist in resolving disputes arising from zoning and building codes, environmental restrictions and financing requirements.
  • Builders and contractors — I have been on both sides of disputes over construction defects, nonpayment of fees or other alleged damages stemming from disputes between landowners and the builders and contractors they hire.

My work in these areas often involves arbitration, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution that can avoid litigation and its attendant costs and time delays. However, when alternative methods fall short, I am confident in my ability to take a case to a successful conclusion at trial.

Contact a knowledgeable Texas real estate lawyer

At the Law Firm of Richard L. Ellison, P.C., I provide quality legal services to buyers, sellers, developers and others in real estate disputes in the Kerrville area. Whether you are bringing a claim or defending against one, I can help. To set up a consultation in Kerrville, call me at 830-955-8168 or contact me online.